Monday, April 28, 2014

Signs of change part 3

The bible could probably be the book of doomsday,or so called end of days? that's not all everything that have something to do with God,or the word of God talking about end of world? i wonder if there is a page in the bible that talking about God destroy Atlantis and the dinosaurs?? in every cultures God destroyed the world? even in those with no bible believes, still by them too it was God that destroyed they world?
 But a questions if is God that destroyed the world why they still the earth? and human? if is really God that destroyed the world then guess he have a strange way of doing it? because every like what 2000,or 5000 years he gets like damn you human you doing it again? you don't obey me? your sinning again? what most i do with you? ok am going to kill some of you and leave some with the hope that you would obey me next times,or be good? the some he kill he send fire? or water? or comets like with dinosaurs? oh wait he has never sends powerful warriors with swords,and large wings called Angels that come down from the sky and kill all these evils human beings?? no! not yet the bible says that is the last battle? even when he would sends these so called Angels the modern man won't even believe them as been sends by God? oh wait if God want to finish these evils human beings he created why kill some? and leave some? and expect these some to obey him after that? don't he think that may-be evils his in these human beings? or these human beings are evils???
 According to our ancestors history,and bible's so many ends of days? without getting that human+evils=evils? or evils+human=evils? these two are one?? or this two can't be together? or he want these human to see him/her as a merciful God? that kill some evils,and leave some evils?or want them to love each others? or human and evils needs to go along with each others? or accept each others?
 ? or that human is here on earth to come cleans with evils? or be safe? or be forgiven from sin? or to repent? or to reborn millions time? or to die? or to suffer? or there is another good reason behind this all story between God and mankind? wonder why can i just understand what is going on here in this world? but then again when you take a look at the world today with everything that going on here on earth so much greed? and pain? killings everywhere? just like before in the past 5000+ years ago?? nothing has change anyway? so You come across internet with the billions+ video talking about prophecy and end of days, doomsdays you wonder if??
 anyway think about it this is a long,lonnnnnnnng game going on here between God and evilshuman? hey who created who here? according to the bible God had already won this fight a long,lonnnnnnng times ago?? if want it to? so why the game still on on our life times unless i've been reincarnated? or am with amnesia completely forget how to play this game? how human play this game in the past 5000+years ago that make human lose the game all over,and over again? oh mankind is playing the game bad again? oh i guess these video on net are right God is about to do it again? but can you blame God? this game is in the hand of human? or human are playing this game of end of days alone with them self?? here we go again lets see 2000+ years later human will still blame it on God??...

Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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