Tuesday, April 29, 2014

our ancestor and they buildings part 31

Carnac 5000 B.C. It could be 3000 standing stones here? what was this peoples thinking? back then our ancestors the vikings the barbarians warriors,or caves savages? just like now the french people just guess what these stones was for? or who built these stones with all these dolmens?? just like you see these stones are perfectly seen from space? so you wonder if this was a landing place for UFO?
 or this could also be a place where these stars Gods was taking energy from earth to the sky? know that this is very close to the sea,or near the sea? could be a perfect place for electrical power its make you think of easter island? lets just says our ancestors were very fascinated with stones buildings? but then again the french peoples think that the aliments of these stones was perfectly straight lines of a Roman Legion turned to stones by Merlin you know the historian myth? How cool?
 but then again France is also a country where they are cross you know the cross of Jesus are in every corner,or villages,and mountains? i must say a very spiritual country? i my be very wrong! but then again Carnac vilage 5000 BC was probably inside the sea? its makes you wonder like how many of the french peoples needed here to built these stones? or could it be 5000 BC there were still Giants races in France? just nest to it you see the so called the Manio "Giant" you jus take a guess for yourself you go like uuhh the Men Giant, hun? with the idiot look in your face like me!! 
but then again this can also be a spiritual place for the wizard,or the stars God/Gods known as the Anunnaki?a place where these Anunnaki first arrived in europe they though stones were gold? because all they could see in europe was stones? but then again they were wrong so they went to Africa? for the real stuff like Gold?,or the place where they changed Vikings into the Gods? and send them to America? and make them change the history of mankind? either way this was not just...
Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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