Friday, May 2, 2014

Love marriage relationship advice part 9

The secret to life is happiness! not just any happiness with things like money but true happiness of love/relationship/marriages in another word family before life was hard, but today life get harder the only way to make your life easy is trough love/relationship/marriages, and that is not an easy things to do 99.9 percent of today couple that says the easy word "I DO" forget something very important and serious!  called "expectations"
 expectations going to be the down and the separations of these 99.9 percent of today's couples  before you says the famous word "I DO" or before you sings victory before the fight i'll advice you how to destroy expectations before it destroy your love/relationship/marriages. When you meet someone you fall in love with and then you really feel like going into a serious relationship/marriage with there are things you should do at first the so called "get to know" the person the first months or years with that person should be your missions these missions are to learn to understand expectations! expectations of your partner and of course your own expectations as well to know what is going to come later in the far future life, these expectations could be desire,demand,behaviour,wills, needs,commands,angers issue,violence,thrust you will needs to be in certain situations to get to know each of these things from your partner and from yourself too
,for the good,and for the bad!expectations are not part of for the good,and bad word,for good/bad word doesn't mean that you will spent all the money of your partner,or go cheat on your partner,or abuse,or use your partner,because some partner always says that's what you signed for,but we all know that's not what you signed for, you signed for happiness, "for the good and bad" word meaning is simple be there for each other, so take notes you have a long,long missions, do it before you be surprise in the future and goes like, oh i didn't know you were like this at all,or why you doing this or am so disappointed of you
 If you are in relationship/marriage talk to your partner about this expectations, is never too late to know what your partner expect from you,and what you expect from your partner! because for some is never enough,or never good, or they never satisfy always complaining, these kind of partner can't not know happiness and you shouldn't be in a relationship/marriage with them! for these unhappy partner of you, will make you feel bad and get into depression, and depressions could mean violence fighting, and insulting what you should do then in this case is get help for these relationship/marriage if it doesn't help, the couple should get separated goes separate ways,if they have
 children do it is good for the children to have a normal happy life, start all over again be strong because is never too late for happiness,happiness is for all, and not for sales! all you need is courage of doing it again! believe it,or not going after, or finding happiness is one of the best things that can happen to anyone in they advice get the courage anyhow you can...
Note: sorry for Adam & Eve image this love/relationship/marriage are for every couple thank you...

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