Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 17

The universe and dark places! you see the worse places to be in the cosmos is near the stars like Sun and black holes? these are the darkest places of our beautiful universe, know that earth is really far away from the sun, so is planet mars just enough far not to be burn down? because if these planets were just a little closer to the sun life on earth as we know it wouldn't even be here? and the good things is that these planets are orbiting the sun, but sun is not orbiting these planets? although we see the sun moving from a place to another in the sky, but it doesn't mean that the sun is going from? front to the back of earth? the sun is turning around himself but if any other things in the cosmos like comets or planets or moon goes near the sun, they will be burned down?
 so is the sun the god of the cosmos? or the sun is the master of the cosmos? is there anything bigger,or stronger and powerful in the cosmos like the Sun? lets think about that! may-be there is for sure since we don't know all things in the universe? it my even be another stars 
like Sun in the cosmos bigger,stronger,and powerful than our Sun? there is something else powerful and bigger in the universe called black hole? these black hole could probably be the strongest things in the universe? but the good news is that planets what so ever can't not orbit black hole? infect black holes are clean very clean they don't let nothing near by them? they are not so nice like the Sun? the sun let you orbit him from a far away? but if you goes to close he do the same things black hole do you?
  It makes you wonder what happen if the sun meet a black hole? the battle between this two could be apocalypto end of the cosmos? imagine the Sun pulling this side and the black hole pulling in the other? taking down every things in the cosmos...

Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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