Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cosmic law & religion part 10

Lets think about this if a planet could move from a place to the other in the cosmos? like leave his system solar,or leave galaxy and just goes around the cosmos and have fun, or just goes to disturb other system solar,or galaxy like comet do? it wouldn't be a good thing?
 The law of the cosmos are so good and naturally made! by the creator,or so called God by Human being! but not all beings from the cosmos call it, that way so, some being call it the creator,or the beginning, or the end, or the God, or the Gods, or the one, or the voice, or the messenger sender, some being even call it the Angry one, or the destroyer!!
 know that if planet could move how it wanted in the cosmos they could  created chaos in the cosmos so  they respect the law!
 like planet earth is standing at the same place no matter the pole shift can't not leave his place some beings in the cosmos were very advanced and they try to move they planet from they galaxy and they lost they planet and lives, it was all they own fault so in the cosmos not all planets are orbiting they sun like star! but is crazy to tell you this planets in some galaxy,or system solar can't not be two, or three, or 10 orbiting them self,or orbiting a star like sun in the middle of nowhere? no, is always like from 12,to 100 orbiting each other in the same galaxy, and respecting the rules!
 like you see earth with other planets around the sun orbiting the sun, and respecting the rules! but planet earth is part of a galaxy this galaxy is so big? but human think that they are only 10,or 12 planets in so called system solar? but the sun you see in the day times sky, he is the center of a very big galaxy called the galaxy of the light,and dark? with more than 100 planets orbiting the Sun? yes the sun is the center of the galaxy of the system solar, but not the center of the Universe! alone in the system solar are more than 20 planets like Earth all looking like, and the beings in there are all known in the cosmos as Human being all mankind as we know it? 19 of these are working,and are together as One? but human from earth are not yet part of them for earth beings are not ready...
Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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