Friday, June 13, 2014

Love marrriage relationship advice part 10

The promises! 99 percent of couples goes into relationship/marriages with lots of important promises while we all know that there is no such things like promises, some people says promises are made to be broken! meanwhile i said promise are the word of a liar,or a manipulators!  you just wait and see how you do in a situations before you promise someone anything,
 because you don't know how is going to be or how is going to happen so, (tomorrow is blind) like you promise your partner never gonna cheat, but we all know the truth you can not says if you will cheat,or not so don't make the never cheat promise, and don't believe this promise! when it come to relationship/marriage you shouldn't make any promises, and you shouldn't believe in any! i mean any promises from your partner if you don't want to end up like these 99 percent (lost) most of these partner makes those promises just to have you where they want, so when they have you where they wanted you will know!
 my advice don't take no promises, do not inter a relationship/marriage for the promises, you know the 99 percent of couples today love the word promise i promise you that, i promise you this! these partners are often known as the masters of manipulations. before you become one of these manipulator's victim know one truth thing, love can not be made a promise! love is a natural thing, not a promise relationship/marriage/love should be natural,or spiritual,or even simple...
Note: sorry for the Adam & Eve image this love/relationship/marriage are for every couples thank you...

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