Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 19

The universe and his uncountable dimensions in every planet alone have like 4 to 10 dimensions? in every planet with beings and life forms, having a life in the same planet trough different times? beings from the 1 dimensions are like so called normals beings! you know like human with a brain that works out of his 5perecnts and do cool things like learn from a book.
 Life in other 2,3,4 dimensions as far as it goes beings in these dimensions gets more, and more super power just not like human from the 1 dimension
 but in the same planet?
 if every dimensions hat his own universe? just like its have his own times! wauw this would be so many universe, and how many Gods? that would depend if in some off these dimensions believed, or have any God/Gods! its makes you wonder if beings from the 1 dimensions are also the same human from the 2,3,4 dimensions? or are they they descendants? or could it be these being are spirit like beings? or ghost like being??? one thing for sure this is multidimensional universe, it could mean one thing another me inside the mirror!! Imagine beings from the 4/10 dimensions they super power they knowledge and stuff they have like technology from the 5 dimensions...
Note: please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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