Saturday, July 26, 2014

love marriage relationship advice part 11

about 79percents today men/women are singles these people are often really looking for love, so why is so hard to find love??? in the world were there are so many,men/women with a heart to love one another?? why dating become so hard? even know that there is so called dating technology! don't forget back then dating was so simple and they had no technology, it was going like this back then "i love you, ok good i don't love you! that's fine i don't care! am going to tell your parents that i want to married you, and i will just married you!
 there was it you had your couple, all of these make up couples are still together till today! but we of today having it so hard to date/findlove,or stay in love, now love is like come,and go! most of these 79 percent singles are going on date with one thing in they mind, the (look) or "sexual appeal" forgething that "love is blind" most of them also don't know what they want, some of them even go back to they ex time,to time for sex! or even meet nice singles peoples but don't stay in relationship with,
 why? it could be that when you live a single life for long times it is very hard to date someone, because you were too long with yourself! so dating could also be difficult because you have one step forward and one backwards, living the life called "turning in cercles" and asking one question why can i find love? i'll advice you to take your times and think, get yourself out of the "singles for fun party", and take yourself serious feel the love...
note: sorry for the adam & eve image feel free...


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  2. Very often failure in communication leads to all the problems. Relationship Advice For Men