Wednesday, September 3, 2014

the universe the birth place of life part 20

The moon is there a way that we could call the moon a planet?? after all there are uncountable moon in the cosmos just in the system solar are many! these moon they all orbits the sun just like planets do, and moon have they own orbits and do not depend on planet like earth.
 The moon my have the same orbits directions with earth? but does not orbits earth? the moon is just a mini planet, and have enough resource to sustain life even as we know it! just like solar panels there can also be moon panels? for the moon have more electrical energy for earth beings to use like they do with the sun? and more of all the moon is closer to earth than the sun? so know that the moon could have two faces? one face is what we see in the day/night sky with the colour like grey/black/snow don't forget that the moon have lots of light  at night,or day sky, you see the light in the moon.
 The other side of the moon is looking staight in to the sun don't forget the moon is not that small with the eclipse it does darkened the sun for seconds, so how big is really the moon?? one thing for sure big and cool enough to sustain any life just like in all places in the universe...

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