Thursday, September 4, 2014

Love marriage relationship advice part 12

Sex how important is really sex in your relationship/marriage? some people says that sex is not important, thing for love/marriage/reationship meanwhile i say it depends!! first of all sex could be an healthy thing to do, for all couples when it done with great consciousness! for sex is not just an a body satisfaction, it is also a spiritual contact with your partner!
 known that in every beginning of a relationship the first one/two/tree month,or years sex could be the favorite activity about 80percents off couples but somehow these partners get over it, and they relationship become boring after!
 70percents of these partner goes out there and get brainless pleasure sex, while you sleeping next to your partner don't forget to go more closer! sex with your partner can be the best therapy,or a cure that really help your relationship/marriage so go for it!!! because when sex is properly,or spiritually done it can help agains stuff like stress,depressions,violence,bad energy,and more, so i guess yes sex is good for almost 95percents of couples...


  1. Most importantly, Relationship Advice remember coping with a new marriage split will take time. It will take time for you to recover and it also will take time for you to reconstruct. Allow your self the proper period before you leap back to your online dating globe.


  2. My break up was confusing the guy gave me mixed signals as to why he wanted to break up. We got into a small argument with me getting mad at him that exploded 3 days later he wanted a break for a week. During that week things escalated between friends and family we started talking things out again over text. It seemed as if he was open to fixing things between us and was asking to talk in person. We were still arguing during the first week of the break about what the other was doing and who they were around. Then about 3 months ago another break up or break came out of nowhere we seemed to be getting things back in track until no matter what I said or tried to do would not keep him. I need to get him back. I order love spells on and this spell caster really help me. My lover back to me.