Wednesday, September 10, 2014

our ancestors and they buildings part 36

Pyramid are all over the world! probably these image are there to represent life, history, civilizations an image to remind the peoples how it should be, and how it has been, and how it will always be! by looking at the pyramid you complitly see the society of today, and the past, you get  to understand why so many fall of great civilizations, know that you can't not build a pyramid from the top,till the bodom, 
so this image of human life, pyramid clearly shows you life of the peoples in every lines of the pyramid represent life of alls peoples on earth for sure the peolpes are all down the bodom! the top stone is there to remind you one thing that there is someone watching you! it reamind me of the eye on the dolar?? in the vision of those whom put the eye on top of the pyramid it was to let you know where you standing, on the bodom of the pyramid, in life aswell! so but hey i guess the eye of the pyramid need to be down of the pyramid because the power of the pyramid is not up but down?
 know that you need the down of the pyramid to hold the top! if there are not the bodom part of pyramid there wont be the top with eye, so just like in life no matter what kind of life, of a person or what so ever it is life to take serious? so but today in life just like in the past with ours ancestors, these in power befor called kings and queens, or the Gods, i guess now called government?? all maked the same mistake because they all went for the power of an eye on top?? so and forget the down bodom! the peoples someone need to put the pyramid up side down to change history from repeating...

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