Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cosmic law & religion part 11

Is not about country, and flags,or nationality for human beings on Earth! is about human beings on earth! believe it or not the majority of peoples on earth do not know that they are not inside a country to honor and serve! they are part of the universe the cosmos! human never talk about earth as a planet one world, one planet! they only talk about country they country forgetting that planet earth is inside the universe, most people don't even know where is planet earth? and how planet earth get here? and what planet earth doing here?
 yes my country this,my country that, so fight for your country go at war with other country and kill earthly beings, like yourself for your country? (choose dogma,and theology)?! forgeting the spiritual meaningful unity for planet earth and his species! leeds to his own destructions and destructions of this world planet earth!
 When will human go on war for this planet?? not if? but it will come a times, human beings most fight for the right of they own existence here on earth! and fight to protect human and save earth from these Aliens species! Human beings get ready the real war is coming soon, the war againts universal beings they are coming to get you and take your world!! human to figth this war you need unity,because you've got one world, forget about  your country, you need one spiritual love and faith in one another, and most of all you need to choose your leader one world leader to figth these species! They are here to take over, the questions is to you want to have Aliens as your worldly leader or a human being?? Hun...

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