Monday, October 6, 2014

the brain part 1

The brain of human according to the information almost every human use 5 percent of the brain? where are the other 95 percent?? see when a child is born the first things the baby do is cry, need of food month later luaghing,after love, anger for the first year these are the things the brain of a baby will develope, with the 100percent help of they parents! as a human leave child's life get to idols ages the brain already have all the things its need to know, and most of all how it should work!
 while the brain is a very powerful thing is also the weakest! for if you take a good look at human and the society, life in planet earth you know that there is something wrong? probaply is because of the teaching, of how you should think and how/what you should believe! the school with they millions program of education for the brain! plus your parents at home? all for nothing in your brain, leeds to this crazy society
 Guess if human want a perfect society and become universal beings, this society need brain program not useless education? if you want to control the population you need to program they brain first!  also know that if someone use they brain more than 8/7/10percent you can not control they brain! these things your brain know are probably wrong,you never get education for your brain, how your brain need to think,or how to use your brain, so a french less at school won't help your brain,or you do really understand your brain??? all country with money are now going for the study of the brain! but do you really need billions to study the brain??? like if there were one human on earth that could use 40/50percent of they brain, going to mars in one day and back, plus cure any disease, or call someone on the phone with your brain! imagine what the brain of a human can do if its teached well! but by whom?? wondering when will human drop down they book/history/education and search inside the brain most of children from ages 6 to 20 they brain has been damaged by school,family,internet,street,wars,religions,sex,money...

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