Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 21

Each of every planet in the system solar that orbit the sun is looking face to face with the sun, know that every planet, moon, stars in the cosmos have they own magnetic field that protect them agains stuff like sun flares, or space tornado and other danger from space, lets guess comet and asteroid don't have any magnetic feild that protect them from sun flares? so how comet survive in the cosmos?? comet and asteroids are destined to fall somewhere in the cosmos?, comet and asteroid are fine in space until they come closer to a planet with super magnetic field? that then pull the comet,or asteroid into an impact? when a comet is pulled into a planet magnetic field that's when the comet goes on fire because of the speed? don't forget that planet, and comet/asteroid just don't goes around the cosmos on fire? could it be that fire and gravitation don't go together?? one thing is for sure the more bigger a planet the more powerful his magnetic field?? Does that mean that magnetic field are only there to protect the planet agains sun flares?? is there a panet in the universe with magnetic field that can stop things like comet/asteroid??? magnetic field also have a strong electrical power? most of earth magnetic field energy come from oceans, and forest,volcano, plus inside hollow earth?? Are human a threat for earth magnetic field? what hapen when a planet lose his magnetic field? is there a way we could use earth magnetic field to clean earth atmosphere??...

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