Friday, October 10, 2014

Ufo&Aliens part 1

Ufo unidentified flying objects unidentified by whom? human see once human can't identified something its means is not there, or it don't exist? let me tell you that there is life in the universe, for there is ife in the system solar! in earth atmosphere alone are more than dozen UFO! some are for the human species, and others are from other planets in the same system solar! made by an advanced species known as Aliens these extraterrestrial beings are many differend species with uncountable flying saucers!
 They tchenology is way to advenced than the one on earth! i must said as a human we can already, feel touch, see the Aliens technology here on earth imagine all the technology of mankind as you know come from extraterrestrial species? many differend Aliens species visited/visit earth, some with interest some just to help, and are sharing they technology with human!! Know that if you are real there is no reason for Aliens,and UFO's not to be real, the peoples in charge,of power know that extraterrestrials species are real, and have probably meet somes, and these peoples can't not tell the truth not because Aliens telling them not to tell the civilians of the world, but because they don't think that the civilians can handle the truth,and also they business company like religions will fall? Somehow is like when you see an UFO believe it or not, you has being chosen by these Aliens species not everyone can see UFO, seen an ufo is like intering heaven if there is one! To see ufo is like you need to be pure, or something more than a human species! and do not let peoles call you crazy when you see an UFO, in another word if anybody believe that human species are the only life forms in the universe, please call them crazzy with two zz from zero open mind!
 If you see the round UFO these are wars saucers if you see sigars shape, these are saucers for Aliens ambassadors and governors, they goes every were in the cosmos for the meetings only, if you see a triangle shape these are on mission to protect all cosmos atmosphere from stuff like radiations, orbs like light, these are cam, or stations! if you see house like shap these are traveling saucers and inside are many differend extraterrestrials species, some human species look a like,or insects like species, some are invisible like species, not all Aliens species are bad, some are animals like species but super intelligent. Must UFO are invisible to human eye, to see Aliens/UFO it can sometimes begin with a dream?...

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