Saturday, October 11, 2014

The brain part 2

How the brain works? lets guess the brain is almost like the D.N.A and sometimes i believe that the brain and the dna are connected, for dna is full of informations, and so is the brain information about you, life,or universal all stuck in you. But yet you can even have acess of it! the brain works very fast, faster than time itself, for me the brain is also a times traveller tools,or organe, for the brain can go back in time and remember things that hapen in the past, and the brain is directly connect to the present at the same time the brain can go to the future.
 Are you the one that make your brain think,or is your brain that makes you think?? letting your brain think for you can leeds to depression,and many more violence, we see this in today society you need to think very deep before you do anything, and send the information you want your brain to work/think on, and make your brain works for you command! If you have being brainwashed your brain can't not think/works for himself anymore, like many human on earth you will always need another brain to command your brain, tell you how to think,how to live,how to react, you are now being controlled.
 The brain is also a talking organs for the brain talk more then your mouth do, talk more with your brain have intelligent/nice conversations with your brain, for some people don't even hear they brain talking 7billiards human on earth with talking brain the good news is that your the only one that can hear your brain talking! the bad news is if you do not listen carefully to your brain you will become a threat of yourself,and rest of the world. Imagine you could hear all the brain of the world talking?...

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