Friday, October 24, 2014

Love marriage relationship advice part 13

Believe it or not marriage is really not important at all if your in a relationship with your partner the only thing that matters is your love so be honest with yourself,and with your partner! If in your heart you have,or feel truth love for your partner, living together with sharing your life with there is no a single paper,or anything that can be more real,or strong to justified your love than that in this world for your couples! Marriage could also be nothing but an illusion,games or bad pact.
 In the past of ancient times marriage was made without a ring,or a paper to signs, do you need to wear a ring, or signs in a paper in order for God,or human to recognise your love/relationship/marriage as a couples?? no i don't think so! you need to stay true to your heart! so who's idea was it marriage=ring=signs in paper,for the law/God?? because of that marriage has probably become a fantasy for all? When its come to 80percent of today couples the only times they realize that marriage is important is when going through divorce, know that the only real marriage with your partner is not in the paper but in your heart! you can be spiritually married with your partner through your heart,and love that could be the only real marriage and that is also the kind of marriage that won't go through divorce, when its come to today couples heart, and love become nothing but fantasy,or a lifestyle you wonder why so many divorce??...

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