Friday, October 24, 2014

Signs of change part 5

According to the informations source unknown America,Europa,Asia,Middle easta,Rusia,Africa all have nuclear energy,or bomb that could probably wipe out this planet and leave it like Mars or something like that, for many,many years,or even make planet earth into piece of comets???? For we all know human species the moment this dangerous weapon did inter the hands of human,this world become threatening to be born,or live?
 While doing what you do no matter who you are, or what you have, enjoy your life! but know one thing the (END) of days is coming, and there is nothing you can do! don't forget there is not escape so have faith because one thing of you will survive, and that is your spirit/soul, now am sorry if this scares you but don't forget this world life of any species was not made forever, one way or a nother everything have an (END) 
Now i hope you seat back and relax because we all die someday it doesn't matter when you die,or where,or how! what we sims to forget is that it will hapen, dont forget nuke and human are not the only threat for life in this world stuff like comet,volcano,sun,weather,earthquakes,some bad ass aliens,or if earthmagneticfield goes off, no this won't do lets just realized that this world is full of danger, danger that could take life down for good while you living like an immortals species don't forget the End of Days/life can, and will come at any times...

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