Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ours ancestors and they buildings part 37

Tsaparang: Tibet this place could probably be millions of years old, for this country are one of the oldest culture in the world! this place was probably a bambo forest with giants mountains,or pyramids? like you see this all over the world ours ancestors did love to live in two places inside the cave, or on top of the mountains, 
Seen here ours tibetan ancestors living on top of the mountains means one thing they had contact with the God/Gods, known as the stars brothers, or fallen angels,or demons,or anunnaki,known today as Aliens this peoples are also very spiritual with the believing of flying carpet,and stuff like trip to the underworld? See the image of they God/Gods all with the Buddha look alike woman,or man you wonder how many personal was really Buddha? you guess could Buddha be an Aliens race? that did came to asia and teach ours ancestors stuff like medicinal,calendar/numbers/letters, astronomy,religion,and many,many more?
 Going back in times to take a look at ours asian ancestors you see image of ancients king,and queens with animal,or devil look alike, some with teeth like vampire with super power!
 Come across history  book calling it myth,and legend when its come to ours ancestors history, you got to understand that there is no such a thing as myth and legend? the only myth,and legend are history of today mankind. either way this was not just...

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