Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cosmic law & religion part 12

Are we in the future now? while the peoples of earth have an Godly religion that helps them to kill each other and find conforts, meanwhile NASA,ISS/ESA,CNSA,USSR,and many more are the real believer for they have the one and only real religion a secret religion called Cosmic Religion
 See these guys spend millions/billions for they believe, this believe are not to make this world a better world? for you do not need to go into space to make your world a better world? unless, so what are they up to? simple to get out of here?
 Human are not the only one in space with these ambitions according to history/book/myth/legend,and our ancestors, bible, earth has had visitors from space with the same ambitions, space is full of  stations,and satellite, some could even reach  the cosmos,and a little closer to galaxy!
 Let me tell you space,and cosmos are not the same thing, there is one thing that make them become one  that is the Universe! Cosmos, Space,Galaxy are all inside universe! Space is inside the system solar, all planet that orbit a system solar are sharing the same space, all have equal rights to space, but the best for every planet is to have one space program and work together but earth is not one world? Earth beings have country,and are very separated imagine if earth had one serieuse space program where they really work together as one species?
 Cosmos is between a system solar and galaxys there is where things get serieuse,and very dangerous because in the cosmos you can find things like black hole, and many more danger stuff! I can tell you that a system solar is the safest place to be in the universe but no so save because there aren't stuff like black hole in the system solar lucky hun? in a nother word the sun himself could already be the birth of a black hole,or a mini black hole...

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