Monday, November 3, 2014

Ufo & Aliens part 2

How would this world be if in the beginning of times they wouldn't tell mankind about God/Gods but instead they would've toll mankind about the esxistence of Aliens other beings from the universe what if the storyteller,or the history writer did tell/write mankind history different from what we know?? for sure lots of things wouldn't be the same as is now, and mankind wouldn't be the same?
 What if the guys in power could come forwards and tell the truth about everything in this world? could that make a different about the way you believe,or see life,or think,or live,or could that help wakes up the sleeping sheep??? for a better society/world?
 How would've your life be if you had an extraterrestrial as your neighbor,or friend,or lover, how would've your life be if you knew that an extraterrestrial was your God that you worship?? could the Pope still seating on his gold chair in Rome, and all others that have great profit in this world through the name of God?? now is like this one gruop of the peoples have great power through God and the others have great powers through Aliens?? you cant not tell the truth "stay a sleep,obey, believe" know one thing most of these Ufo/Aliens that come to earth are from the same system solar!Do you believe in life outside of earth? good you are not crazy they are real...

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