Monday, November 3, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 22

The universe with his strange places, not far from home there is something something strange like a lake of fire, luckily it got a name known as the sun when i see volcanic lava makes me imagine what the sun could be like? its makes me wonder if the creations of a planet could start with the sun super eruption? like every billions/billiards of years the sun gets giant eruptions and the sun flares become like frozen in space there is where you got the birth of a planet? 
slowly this flairs become big once big a planet get cooler outside, and the inside stay fire alike that could explained volcanic lava? just like when a mother give birth to a child the child have d.n.a of his mother could volcanic lava has information of the sun,and the creation of the planet?? if this imagination is true it means one thing that there are uncountable system solar in the cosmos,the creation of the universe started with the sun,the sun created planet stars the sun after billiards of years become black holes, black hole gets bigger and goes erupt explode like you never imagine that is what called the big bang? and created more universe, now it makes me believe that there are more universe so like every galaxy have like 10 to 50 system solar its mean one more thing the sun can give birth to planets through sun flares, at the same times with more powerful sun flares, the sun can also destroy planets when the sun turns into a black hole all planets in the system solar could become death stars? going more deep with my imagination the last weeks the sun has go through some  eruptions with incredible sun flares ahead of not only earth but all planets in the system solar are in danger? known that the space is full of stations/satellite what protect them against stuff like sun flares?...

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