Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ours ancestors and they buildings part 38

Temple Mount Al-Aqsa Mosque? this places could  be millions of years old, accordings to the myth, and legend of ours ancestors something was up to no good here? The good knews is there are no more God/Gods amongst human of today, and these story are way too old too long ago? the bad knews is that human of today still believe in these storys/myth/legend? In times of myth, and legend this world had magic great magic power that was brought here by the God/Gods? and share it with ours mortal ancestors? in times too many Gods/God did came here to earth and each of these GODS had they own ambitions, somes with bad intentions? for exemple these two temples have two different God/Gods that did visited ours ancestors?
 What is really the meaning of God/Gods? is he an entity? or a beings from elsewhere? all we know is that God/Gods is some one with great power like magic,with the ability to give life or take life?? something, or someone who want human to worship it/him, pray, give it/him sacrifice?? call those who do not believe it/him infidels? the one who created earth, universe the creator of all?? according to the bible somes human are his chosen peoples? and have the promised land? these peoples really believe that no person should inter these temples because they are sacred? so who was the peoples/person that build these temples?? was they sacred?? or the Gods build these temples?? lets try to know what ours ancestors says that the Gods/God are from or coming from? ok the place called Heaven so what is heaven? and where is heaven? according to the bible heaven is a holy place up in the sky! ok the story starting to get clear according to the bible wroten down by ours ancestors from what they witness the Gods/God came from the sky too! now its get even clear ours ancestors witnessed the power of the Gods? and even saw they vehicle known today as UFO?
 Ours ancestors forgot to ask the Gods/God where exatly was heaven in the cosmos? like is heaven a planet? or galaxy? or system solar? or is heaven a black hole? or nebula? back then ours ancestors didn't even know these places,and names in the cosmos? so at least modern man should know the meaning when its come to God/Gods=coming from the sky heaven? that it could be,or it must be other species of the universe that visited/visit earth, with great knowledge of technology? and was miss interpreted as something magical untill today human still worshiping these Aliens and taking they landing places as sacred,or holy places,even killing each others because off??? Unbelievable! Either way this was not just...