Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Love marriage relationship advice part 14

Once you fall in love with someone you really have to ask yourself is this really love that i feel? how long will this love last? is there a way love can be forever? just don't forget one think "where is love there is hate" so be very careful with falling in love! make sure your love don't turn into hatred 90 percent of today couples love turn into hatred why? because of the lost communications? or is the society to busy for love? could it be the society turns peoples heart to cold to love? 99 percent of today couples stay together for one reason SEX? other 80 percent could stay together for another reason KIDS? if having sex,and kids/children in your relationship means love then there you have your meaning,and reason for love!
 Do you know of any couples of today that stay together without having sex,or children in they relationship?? there are probably 2/3 percent couples that stay together without having any of these things that stay together for true love these couples are 70 to 90 years old the truth is that there is always a reason for love! When two peoples fall in love with each other,and decide to start a relationship these two are betting in something very powerful something they can't control the outcome, some peoples do believe that they can control love! Know that love is good towards your partner but at the same times love have a darkside because love have the power to come and touch you very strongly and it goes without having mercy! You know what the rain do to the sky befor it rains? its first darkened the sky then rain, after raining its clear the sky, but love first clear the heart after love turns into hate its darkened your heart...

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