Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ufo Aliens part 3

Some peoples says i had visions of Jesus Christ and it changed they life? visions? when you hear of visions you just guess it have something to do with magic? I never had visions, what i had/have all the times are dreams just like this photo of UFO you see am going to tell you about it! Now let me tell you i have crazy dreams about Aliens, Jesus, God/Gods, friends, family, planets, nature disaster unliving peoples, and many more stuff guess what i never believe in any of my dreams, i always call them crazy dreams even when they come true. 
That night i woke up in some sort of a city a city with a building inside building in that city were species very tall species like giant invisible species somehow i could see them, these buildings had different formation and i could see these invisible beings while inside something look alike a room these species knew that i could see them for them it was not normal so they says she can help us! so i was like help you with what? where i my? what is this place? what a strange species? i had so many questions they these species didn't open they mouth to talk to me but i could hear them talking to me! I ask them what you want with me? they says we need you to help us with something they reply don't be afraid we know you we wont hurt you i said to them am only a human how can i help? they says look at that species we just need they help we need to learn the secret from them! but i couldn't ask them what was the secret they need to know? because the species that was in front of me was way to amazing to see,to look at that species could change colours in every second his colour change goes like black white green yellow all colours i know as a human was in that species, the species was very angry really mad it wouldn't calm down for them to communicate with, the invisible species told me please we need you to calm it down so i look at the species eyes and his eyes could also change colours and i said to the being calm down please talk to me the being reply no he can't i said why? he reply these species the invisible they want to know about they technology to use it for bad reasons! i ask it really? but they already know so much technology the colours being reply no his species have the knowledge of all technology in the universe these invisible species kidnapped him to learn it to sell that technology to other species all over the universe he can't not let them have it! so i ask it again sell it for what money? its reply no resources! this technology planetary gets when deserve it, or times for them to know it the species tell me to help it get out of there i said how can i help you? it says his peoples are looking for him they have a spaceship it says to me hold my hand look into my eyes you will see the spaceship you help me get there i did just that and we was inside a strange spaceship after that i woke up and i was like what a crazy dream the next day i went to take a walk with my photo camera when i look up in the sky i saw something so i started to make pictures of the sky for i was so sure i saw something i ready saw before like a deja vu when i got back home and take a look at my pics from computer i saw the same spaceship from my dream i was like it can't be this was what i saw in my dream last night! I my just start to believe in my dreams...

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