Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ours ancestors and they buildings part 39

Yonaguni Monument Japan...Today mankind history is nothing but myth,and legend what was, and still the truth is ours ancestors history? today mankind have nothing real,or truth when it come to history? we can almost saids last times earth had history was like  dozens of years ago?
 Yonaguni Monument is a spaceship that has been there for millions of years? know that so called myth/legend of Japan talking about a woman coming out of the sea to teach ours ancestors of Japan the way of life,and she did teach them all they know today? you can take it as myth/legend if you want but don't forget that will keep you in the dark,and that will also help your history to repeats itself?
 Known the past history of Japan as well as today too you know that country have something something THEY don't want you to know?..
 If you call this Monument natural formation then you should also call Pyramids, Stonehenge, Carnac natural formations but then again you really don't have to take the word of expert as the truth? just believe what you believe that's all that matters in such a world full of lies, and secrets? Could be that this thing was left onder the sea on purpose after  Aliens species wars in earth atmosphere?? this could also be Vimanas, or onderwater stargates? Either way this was not just...

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