Sunday, November 23, 2014

The brain part 3

The nature of the brain is to develop, and learn from itself, a human with dozens programs from school, TV, Internet, home, street, in the brain can't  have a normal brain! Know that 99 percent of today human have dozens brain programs,or information from school, TV, Internet, home, street, these are perfect poison for your brain, but that is not your fault because once you born in this world/planet earth dozens of information/programs are been forced into your brain!
 From birth day 1 to age 4/6 your parents at home will be the first to poison,and destroyed your brain! At age 6/15 school,TV will be the downfall of your brain functioned,and that will affect your life till age 15/18 Internet, street have make sure your brain work just like everybody else, at age 18/70  society,and all these things have make your brain to work in certain ways,and believe in certain things at the age of 70/100 you forget all your brain stop working while you still alive but your brain is out that says!
 You can depopulate human on earth, or send them all to school get the best educations, or put in new world order it will not change a thing for human?? thanks to society all human brain work, and think the same way, you can even leave 2/5 human on earth it won't change a thing?? these 2/5 you left on earth will rebuild life the same as before, some things could change, the way of making things will change, and they will called it evolution? but they brain will always work/think the same way the weakest point of the brain is to teach it all useless things, or teach it dozen things! To have a good working brain you need to teach a couples of things only chose one important things like science, technology, astronomy, mathematics, or any others teach one of them to a kid of 2 until age 20 and let them learn things like they family/friend names don't forget love that could make a different human for this world!
 The brain of human is weak, and strong at the same times but the brain can't handle dozen things like today teaching goes science,history,vocabulary,mathematics,geographic, family names,toys names, and many,many more stuff that a kid have to learn at school/home these are nothing but virus for the brain after dozen books at school you still go to make your 9/10 years in university?. Imagine the brain that could learn one program from 4 to 20?...

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