Monday, November 24, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 23

The universe and the power of the light with your naked eye you can see the light in the sky at night time,or day time the sun give light,the moon the stars all with infinite light and colours we human just won't know, or see all the beauty of the universe ours technology is just not powerful enough for it? Human have not even see 1% of the cosmos lets just imagine the uncountable galaxies,stars,nebula,system solar milky ways,black holes,and many many more stuff that we don't even know names and we yet to discovery, there could be galaxies that are like 1000,or millions light years, with life, to reach these places in the universe human being need to know the secrets of the light, understanding the light what is the light? how the light works? why there are lights in the universe? where does the light coming from? is the universe make of light? most of all how to use the light to travels in the cosmos? because once you know how to travels with the power of light going from galaxies to system solar is just nothing at all! Could there be cosmos without the light? lets guess no! the definition of the universe could very well be electrically,and light, i don't think there could be universe without these two things there for the creation of the universe could be electrical power , and light these two created the universe the big bang theory could be wrong?...

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