Thursday, November 27, 2014

The brain part 4

Each person have the same brain wired,installation,formation but different functioned.What is the limit of the brain functioned? lets just says the brain have no limits in fact the brain could be infinite, know that the brain never gets tired, and the brain don't sleep so if the brain don't sleep what make you sleep then? the brain makes you sleep, and make you wake up in your brain system there are many natural wired that you can't control like the sleeping one lets just says the brain is full of wired that could make you do things, and not been able to control yourself most of all it depend on how your brain was trained lets take an example with a baby a baby don't know fear,racism,sex, religion,hate,killing,love,anger,sadness and many more.
the brain of the baby will develop these things with the help of someone,or something but that doesn't mean that these things are not in the baby's brain, all of these things are in the brain of all human.Understand one thing in the brain system there are dozen wired good,and bad for every wired that makes you do certains things or think certain ways there is also an opposites wired of that one in your brain this give your brain, and yourself the perfect balance of how to works things out, for example in your brain there is the wired that makes you angry, nest to it is the one that calm you down, the wired of hate,nest to it is the one of love,the wired of believe nest to it is the disbelieve one, the sexual wired nest to it there is an opposite one, and so the brain goes with every thing in life is up to you how to use these wired in your brain i hope when you steal,rap,kill and they catch you, don't said i could stop myself,or i didn't know what to do believe it, or not there is all in your brain just try to activate... Note please don't forget am not an expert...

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