Wednesday, December 10, 2014

cosmic law & religion part 13

All planets in the system solar have life not only in the system solar but all over the universe each and every planets have life form in his own ways Somme very intelligent life forms or Somme just like human ? most planets have water know that the cosmos universe is full of watter. 
Human nature could be dogma and theology it makes them believe that planet earth resource are to sell between them for they own good ?? even when is bad for the future existence of mankind and earth in the cosmos to survive ? while we all know that earth don't need mankind for his existence in the cosmos the mistakes leads them to believe in moving to other planets in the system solar in case earth dies burning, or dry out ? the question of what if we are alone in the universe ? and the teaching of "we are alone in the universe" make mankind feels like Gods, or superior beings ? it could also give them the right of moving freely in space. Many billiards years ago ancients home of mankind was once planet mars ? seen the perfect desert of planet mars we all could guess how these human did chose dogma, and theology it makes you wonder the look of future earth if there will be any ?...

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