Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Love marriage relationship advice part 15

80% of couples says the word "I love you" these peoples don't even know the meaning of the word but yet they pronounce it every day does these couples feels the need of saying the love you word ? or could they feel obligated to said the word ? or could these couples believe that when you says to your partner that you love them dozen times a day its really mean you love them ? most couples that says to they partners i love you often these peoples has never been loved before in they life for most of these 80% of couples end up separated, or divorce.
 lets see the source of love itself where we all first feel love, or know love ? for every human being we first meet love with ours parents inside ours mothers womb so there for the source of love is with your mother, and father and these two will be the first source of every ones love, so can we says only a father,mother knows what is love ? or could feel true love ? no these are different kinds of love but the base of love started there. in case of love marriage relationship is almost different in the way that you will have to do certain things with your partner that you wont have to do with your parents, but at the end it will all means "LOVE" crazy hun ? some peoples says there is never a reason to love someone ? its means love can't be a reason we all believe that love is a feeling a feeling we feels in ours heart that could be the reason love has become a fantasy and probably has lost its meaning and power ? meanwhile i said there are billions of good and bad reason to fall in love, or love someone the list is very long if you want your love,marriage,relationship to last long or so called forever make sure you meet someone who's have a reason to fall in love,or love you about 20% of couples today have true good reason to love they partners and these are the only couples that don't go trough divorce separations.
 each partner that has went trough divorce,separation knows how hard is it to start your life all over again if you has been divorce, or separated one, or many times in your life I'll advice you to fine a very good reason why you need to star your future relationship if you want it to last believe it or not you need a true good reason...  


  1. One of my favorite quotes is "Love is sometimes better spelled as 'Time'". I've realized that the more time I spend with someone, the more I truly love them. That has helped me build my relationship with others much more than I ever though I could. Thanks for your share of advice though, I'm always up to learning more from anyone.

  2. Hi Slarty Melger ? thanks for your comment! is true that time is the key to everything in life especially Love, by the time you meet someone love always feels good and strong the first time, mean first couples of month even years but after that we all lose it somewhere somehow without even truly know what is it to really love someone within the short time we already lose our first good feelings that did make us fall in love with a person the first time! like i said true love come within time. Much love my friend...


  3. My break up was confusing the guy gave me mixed signals as to why he wanted to break up. We got into a small argument with me getting mad at him that exploded 3 days later he wanted a break for a week. During that week things escalated between friends and family we started talking things out again over text. It seemed as if he was open to fixing things between us and was asking to talk in person. We were still arguing during the first week of the break about what the other was doing and who they were around. Then about 3 months ago another break up or break came out of nowhere we seemed to be getting things back in track until no matter what I said or tried to do would not keep him. I need to get him back. I order love spells on and this spell caster really help me. My lover back to me.