Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ufo Aliens part 4

How many peoples today on earth having encounters with Aliens ? many! The bad news is that the world called them crazy, the good news is that these peoples are not crazy those peoples with encounters are very specials peoples just like those in the past of ancients times if Ezekiel or Enoch was peoples from modern times with they encounters we read today in bibles they would called them crazy too! even though history tell us about UFO and Aliens some UFOs called Vimanas, other Aliens called stars brothers,  Annunaki and many many more names, but history chose to called all of it Myth Legend  know that the bible talk about many encounters but don't use the name UFO, Aliens but use the name God,Gods heaven=sky the question is why the bible is not called myth,and legend? why so many peoples believe in the Bible's encounters ?
 Some peoples encounted UFOs and Aliens in they dreams but really believe that it was nothing but a dream it looks like a dream but is not really a dream these Aliens make it look and feel like a dream while you don't know you as a human have something that interest these Aliens species these Aliens knows one thing we don't! that is human species is on the blink of extinctions human species is all near the end of existence they want to save human species but not as you know they take the d.n.a and small part of organs of some peoples to create an hybrids species of have human have Aliens that could continued live in planet earth after what is coming they put implant in your body to know where you will be when time come, for it will be very difficult for human as you know it to live on earth i can't tell you what is coming for planet earth all i know is that i and you we wont be able to live in this planet when it happen but human hybrids something like mutants will. Not all Aliens that come to earth are interested in human must of them don't care at all...

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