Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our ancestors and they buildings part 40

The Nubian pyramids Sudan Africa this place could be hundreds or millions of years old even more older than the Giza pyramids ? according to modern man history book ours Africans ancestors were nothing but cave man jungle desert savages ?? seen these pyramids you wonder if history book could be so wrong ? or you take another guess that could leads you to the real builders of these city's the first real human ours Aliens ancestors the visitors ? you realize one thing we are all travelers visitors to this planet earth! The builders of these pyramids could also be the same that did build all pyramids around the world all these places were once home of the Gods ? know that these were very powerful country back then today they are the weakest? is there something human did bad ? and are still doing wrong till today ? for every powerful country will become weak soon or later? powerful country like these always meet the greatest fall, or completely disappear just like Atlantis and many more ?? seen the Nubian kings they look just like the Egyptians pharaohs this place could be the first real home of Egyptians peoples the real Egyptians are then black skin peoples ? until the Arabians and the Romans arrive and took over ??.
 Either way this was not just...

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