Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Not long ago i realize that dreams are not what we think most dreams could be abduction sometimes ago i had a crazy dream i finish pray like every night before going to sleep not long after i woke up in a strange road with a lots of peoples from everywhere around the world standing in the big road forming tree line! line of peoples of all colours with animals i look at peoples around me but no one talk all looking down 
when i try to ask them something a voice come from nowhere saying to me speaking times is over i look back and frond the lines of peoples had no end no beginning, left and right the world was inside watter Somme's peoples was under watter but the road had no watter so i look up i saw the light picking peoples up one by one and i saw something like a big spaceship sending that light that pick peoples up in the sky when it was my turn inside the spaceship that look alike an house but a house upside down inside all kind of species animal like beings human insect like beings and one giant being seating in a giant chair like a king i walk to him even though it was very scary scary to look at or to go near but i had to know what was going on 
so i ask It the giant being why all this peoples human are been taking up the sky to stay inside this spaceship with all this animals insect and strange species ?? It replied there are not such a thing like human the name you call yourself is wrong! All species from the universe are all called Animals but you who called yourself human believe Animals is bad and human is good! you even called other animals from universe Aliens you eat other animals species because they don't look like you! you become something that's not mine, I take what is left mine! so i replied oh so who are you you must be God ? It reply God is what you called me but that is not my name !
 I said are you the one that created all this ? It answers yes! so i ask it again what is your name ? It replied i have no name for myself! i says why ? it replied i couldn't give myself a name ! i created all of this and am still creating many many more! i ask another questions is this the way you want it to go on earth ? it replied sometimes not only on earth it doesn't go the way i want i can always undo i keep some things and destroy some things!! i ask one more question It replied times is near for the blind earth to see! i woke up sweating it was still night i was so afraid i started to pray what a crazy dream...??

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