Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The universe the birth place of life part 24

How long can a planet sustain life ? life as we know? going with my imagination i don't think a small planet like earth, mars could sustain human like life for billions,or more years i believe that a species like human as we know it if want to survive for billions of years in the universe we need to work fast ours survival in the universe does not depend on living in the same planet.
 The priority of a species like humans survival list should be technology! not only any technology but space traveling technology second work together. Travel to the near by planet in the same system solar could be a good idea, but not the best! a system solar with the sun like ours may not be the best place to really live long in the cosmos, for life in earth system solar could totally depend on the sun! once the sun goes down all life in all planets goes down too!
 So we probably need to star searching for places in the universe where there no needs for the sun to sustain life as we know it, or try to learn how to build a spaceship that look like a planets and could sustain human life, and travel the universe with.
 I also believe that there is already something like that traveling the cosmos with other advanced species of the universe.
 Because there is no really a safe place in the universe traveling in the cosmos with a spaceship could also be very dangerous, for you may come across stuff like uncountable black holes,comets, and many more danger !! There is also something in the universe called space oceans full of flooding water inside cosmos just like the sea in planet earth?!...  
Question how many space sutler human send in the cosmos for stuff like pictures that falls in black holes???...                                     

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