Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cosmic law & religion part 14

The cosmos is full of duplicated planet that look just like the original planet itself, lets just said all planets with moons are duplicated planets ! the moons are there to sustain these planets, help controled they gravitations give them energies keep them alive, we can almost called the moons guardians of duplicated planets.
 Planet like saturn is one of the most beautiful duplicate planet of ours system solar ! 
This planet come from all over the universe they were all brought here at the very first time the sun was born.
 Created and made by the species from the original planet, once a planet have been duplicated the being that created the planet always make a duplications of everything same species that lived in the original planets  human on earth are almost the best duplicated image of its  own creators but not yet working as ours creators want us to ! 
Once a species or planet have been made and put in a system solar if the makers of that planet are not satisfied with they own work, the planet with all the species will get destroyed! when it happen somewhere in the cosmos it become what is known as the death star, there you got your asteroid/comets 
 duplicated planets are always hollow the sun himself is also hollow ! see the birth of the stars like sun happen all the times in the universe, every birth of the sun in the cosmos is a great news for species with great knowledge of technology all species from the universe with ambitions have the right to use the system solar/cosmos equally, but not interfering with the works of others unless is for the good of all! beings from a duplicate planet called Nibiru are the creators of most planets/species in ours system solar they are coming to see the result the work of they creations!!! its may get ugly very soon stay alert everyone...

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