Thursday, February 26, 2015

Love marriage relationship advice part 16

Marriage something from ancients times it could be that back then marriage was never for love, like it may-be today we all know marriage was, or is for religion  if you're not a religion believer i advice you not to take the walk of shame called marriage it may cursed your love/relationship!
  Modern marriage just like religion marriage doesn't count any more today modern marriage is just the same as myth and legend?  why 90 percent of today marriage relationship goes two separate ways ?  is because peoples now on days love to go public with they relationship/love oh look that's my partner, we are here! we are there! we do this! we do that! oh we love,we love all in the name of love.
 Back then relationship/marriage use to be something very private!  to protect your relationship,or to have a long term  relationship you need to keep it private my advice don't go public with your partner i know your a modern man so goes public is nothing for you.
 yes enjoy the modern fantasy love/relationship that never last years because today she is with you tomorrow he's with her, or him, a happy relationship today means everybody goes with everybody! yes too much love in the heart ? or too much sex in the brain ? 
97 percent of man/woman today confused love and sex very often...


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