Friday, February 27, 2015

The universe the birth place of life part 25

In every black holes is a door to another universe  with uncountable galaxies planets,nebulas,stars and more? nice you inter one side of a black hole you come out of a different side with another universe were you have the ability to create your own galaxy how cool!.
  Imagine one sun having more than one, or two solar system like one in front another in the back with more than twelve planets, does the sun have any back, or front ?   
Lets get back to it seen this image of a black hole with galaxies, stars this clear it make you wonder the capabilities of human technology ?   but then again what is a black hole ?  black hole something that have the power to take down everything that goes near it? 
 crazy but i believe black hole created the universe, if there are any black holes in the universe, what created them in the first place ?  some people says the big bang created the universe so what created the big bang ?
 At this time my brain wants to go more deep with imagination but religion like God created the universe is stopping my brain! could it just be that the universe created God/Gods ?? for now that may explain why human of earth have so many Gods and religions...

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