Monday, March 2, 2015

UFO & Aliens part 6

This time was very different and strange it make me wonder what if dreams were reality ?  peoples came to take me near a big river when we was at the river we saw an UFO flying and everybody were so afraid the flying saucer was a small round disc the UFO didn't lands it stays in the sky, but the species that was flying it came down! people started to said someone have to go to talk to it! 
 I walked near the Alien being very strange species it was dark grey with the face like the face of a frog, the rest of the body like a human! i said  hello do you speak english? He  says i speak all languages from earth!  I said are you from earth?  It says no!  the people that was standing in my back told me to ask it where he come from?  so i ask it, where he come from?  He says he come from another solar system 50 light years!  what another solar system ? i said, or you mean a galaxy ?  He says no solar system!  i ask it what is your name ?  He says his name is  106  i said to it number ?  you got no name he says 106  they are called by numbers!
 I  ask  it   is there  any danger  for  him  to  go  near me?  he says no!  you can even hug me i said ok then he hug me, and it was so real like real life!  I ask  him did you come alone here ? he says  yes? I said wauw so far away! i ask it what you came to do he says we are studying earth atmosphere!  for what?  i ask,  he says we are going to move ours spaceship here in the same place where is earth!  i said oh yeah ?  what about earth than ?  he says we will put earth in the back of ours spaceship!  so i said will human and earth survive then he says no!  i said so we will all just die he says yes!
 I said why earth ?  he says when they heard the music in space and human tell about earth  they came here!  so i said what music in space that called you here ?  he says  the music called  "Jonny b goode"  after we heard the music we started studying earth from far away!
 till we came to see earth! i ask it are you the species we call the grey Aliens ?  he says there are many greys species in the universe, the greys you  know here are light greys with big dark eyes !  and are in contact with human being!  we are called  the "Choomoonkookoo" and he show me how to write it are not in contact with human being! 
 I  said why? so you didn't even want to talk to us before you study ours atmosphere ??  He says no you are too primitive !  you will not survive in space for long anyway!  i said why?  he says look you use computers, phone, electricity, and many more the wrong way,  all you do, you do it not in the benefit of your survivals,  we has study you human but you don't improve!
 I said what we don't improve that is crazy, he says look at me, i can travel the space without any space suit,  he then open his body inside him  was like have metals, or silvers and have  flesh !  i said wauw! you are have flesh have robot?!  he says yes! inside me is electricity, computer,  telephone,  food,  medicinal, my body can't get sick,  my skin is a protection against stuff like the heat,  the cold   i can go everywhere  nothing is too hot,  nor too cold,  for me!  human you have nothing but the spirit and you don't even care about your spirit !   you had to change your body long times ago into something that could survive like all species in the universe!  but you didn't ! now you've become the bactery you cant even cure!  i said can you help us?   he says no we can't!!  i said  anyway God is coming to save us he says no, God is not coming to save you!  i said  so many people will be disappointed if God don't come to save us!  he says you human were busy doing wrong things!. 
I ask   it, is there any other species that want to take earth or that come to earth with the same ambitions ??   he says yes there are many!! I said do you know what they, want?  he says i know some, he says like i said before human put the message in space calling for other species, when they were not ready to defend  them self against  dangerous  species from all over the cosmos!  i ask  is there any good species in the cosmos?  he says yes! there are many!  and all of us like to lands near rivers, lake, oceans, volcano, mountains when we arrived on earth! please tell me when you will take the place earth is in the system solar where will earth be put at ? i ask him, he than says we will be in between earth and the sun earth wont get no more light from the sun nor will earth see no stars... what a crazy dream!... 

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  1. I loved your dream please keep us posted