Monday, June 1, 2015

Ours ancestors and they buildings part 41

Forget about the pyramid of Giza, Puma punku have nothing, the promise land is nothing compare to the Ziggurat Iraq  when it come to Sumerian history we all thing of one thing Anunnaki ? even when modern man called Sumerian history the myth/legend we all know Sumerian's tablets have greats information about everything we know on Earth and the universe! the beginning and the end information's about how to make stuff ? 
I don't have to tell you seen those guys climbing the Ziggurat up you can just guess they are going for the big tablets ?? since modern Iraqi man didn't know how to use, or to read the tablets ? 
 Back then millions of years ago ours sand savage at the same time warriors Iraqi ancestors couldn't believe they eyes when they first saw these Aliens Anunnaki coming down inside a planet look a like called Nibiru ? Persia today Iraq,Iran,Syria may-be even Israel, or let just said Persia today middle east yeah that is much better ??? Ours middle east ancestors knew nothing but blood hunting, cave,sand ?? until the Anunnaki today known as Aliens arrived and brought with them all we now know about the middle east ? oh and the whole world ? you wonder why the middle east is the home ,or the birth place of all religions?? Either way this was not just...

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