Monday, June 22, 2015

The brain part 5

Meet your brain do you know your brain is a cure against pain ? did you knew your brain is stronger than a hammer ? did you knew your brain have super power? do you know your brain have the abilities to control anyone around you ? the brain make you talk,walk, in fact your brain is everything!  Learning from a teacher could be harmful for your brain, sometime your brain is capable of manipulating you but how? simple making you focus on your fear yes the best weapon of the brain against you is "fear" ! 
The brain know all its knows because it was programmed at first to know these things yes everything you know in your brain was created with your brain!
 The brain is like a dictionary if a word is not in the dictionary it could only mean one thing it doesn't existed know that you can only find word that was created to be in the dictionary,so how to make your brain let you know things that was created to be in the brain? the question is how to activate these things from your brain without letting someone else helping your brain ? 
the brain is full of secrets powerful information that can make you become someone different from everyone!!
 meditation is the only way of getting to reach this secret knowledge! "Before a peaceful heart one need a peaceful brain" your brain control your heart  make sure to clean your brain,from everything that was in planted in it clean your brain from the reality its knows, or the reality your brain is used to, fake reality like there is a white man,or there is a black man while you know the fear section in your brain if you would see a white man your brain would go so crazy there for clean your brain through meditations. 

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