Monday, June 22, 2015

Signs of change part 6

Don't seat too comfortable been rich in this planet is not an option, and will not save you from the danger surrounding ! forget about been a believer of God if death mean the End of the world to you then be sure the end is with 100%  for all 
 Know that for everything,for everyone the destiny is to be born and die ! so pay attention the journey is too short a global end for all may even come at any time.
 Planet Earth has had many global ends recorded by ours ancestors most of all living things dies out, and the doomed round ball thing called Earth stays a life? why ? sometimes i think planet Earth itself has also dies out many,many times, and because of planet Earth has had many Ends planet Earth has now become a zombie planet.
 The Weather,the Oceans, the Forest, the Animals, the Humans, Countries, Villages, Cities, Rivers, Mountains,Deserts, everything on Earth are now living dead all zombies ?? and some peoples still waiting for the big famous End to come ?? when is already here.
 People when they hear of tsunami, or earthquake they goes like oh these are the last days! the end time! , now please wake up i know we all sleeping since we're all zombies, but wake up just a bet! the END arrived here a long long long times ago and it hasn't left not even once, instead it left us all with planet Earth itself living dead.  don't know about you but am living in a living dead world...

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