Friday, June 26, 2015

Ufo & Aliens part 7

 Dreams after dreams.
 This time a strange voice was calling me outside
 i woke up and went out something i wouldn't do if i was a wake, but i went out fallowing the voice that was calling me i ask the voice who are you?
  where are you? i can't see you i said the voice reply follow me!
 but where? the voice reply am here look up, when i look up i saw a big planet very beautiful planet it had all colours around it.
 The voice started to come from inside the planet and said we come to take you home. And i was like no am not going this is my home, i was calling people for help but no one helped me. hear the voice saying to me come and let me show you but it was strange because the name the voice called me in my dream is not my name in real life but in my dream i answer to that name and it feels like it was my real name, 
 Suddenly i was inside the planet a beautiful round planet that could fly like a plane.
 Once inside this planet i saw many species giants were the owners of the planet these giants were some blond with very blue eyes i mean blue eyes others really black with orange eyes others white like paper with black eyes, some were like Chinese but really tall some were Earthly human looking a like i could understand they languages it was a languages that doesn't existed on earth
 and i was speaking it as well crazy but i knew i was in the dream i knew it was not the life am living but it feels like i knew that life.
  I ask them what they want with me? they reply come take a look see all of this people you see here are all living in your world when they die in your world they souls come back and inter they real body, inside here they know who there are but in your world they don't know who they are!
 once they die in your world they souls come and inter they body and then recovery they memory, that is then the end of they mission, they leave they earthly body behind and get back to they universal body, now you understand you are all on the mission in your world! 
 come meet your other self and i saw myself like a mirror a true copy of myself, but it was strange we did not had the same memory nor the same mission, on earth i have different mission and in that planet the other me had another mission, so i ask them what is my mission on earth they reply we cant tell you that! you have to figured that out yourself so then i ask again what is my mission in this planet they reply you are the guardian of the seven planet!.
   I ask them is this the story of everyone in my world ? they answers was yes! come see here you will recognise some of the people you know in your world they took me around and i saw some people i know in my real life they didn't act like they knew me at all so i ask them i know these people why don't they know me ? they reply is not time yet for them to know you! when will be your time only those that has left your world will know you when you would arrive here,
 but those that you know in your world that are here but haven die in your world will not recognise you here. species that leave your world recognise each other here when they are no longer living in your world. so i ask them another question are you then our maker ? they reply yes
 i said why do we have to be born and die ? they reply to come and live in your world you have to be born and to come back here where your true home is you have to die in your world.
 And they took me in another place where we all passed through before we are been born on earth, and i saw that in fact we solicited our self to be born in this world they do not send us but they help us to be born we chose our mission, our colours, our home, our parents our timing but when we arrive we forget it all!! most of the time if we failed our mission some people always ask to go back to earth because once they are there back in they real body they remember things they did on earth they regretted so bad and want to have the chance to come back to earth and make things right, but most of the time it doesn't even work after so many try species like human can be born dozens of times and yet not make things right still not remember a thing once arrived on earth again,and again.
 I ask them is this what you called reincarnation they reply yes so is true they reply yes but some people after so many try they gave up and ask to serve they punishment for things they did wrong!
Once you choose to be born on Earth there will be consequences when you leave Earth for your actions species do not only choose to be born on Earth but in some other places in the Universe   and stop trying to come back on earth but those who succeeds they missions  become guardians angel,or Goddess,or some other greats things.
 The two beings that were walking with me around one with no hair  very beautiful female white and black eyes, and the other male blue coloured with red eyes amazing species so i ask them one more and last thing why when we arrive in planet earth we change? they reply earth can only produce one species what you called human beings. but when you reincarnated you can go back as what you want and choosing a colour only as a flowers, birth, animal, butterfly, fish, insect.
  they said to me that i have to go back and they said to me remember your dreams, and i woke up what a crazy dream...

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