Thursday, January 23, 2014

The universe and the birth place of life Part 1

The universe the place of life yes I call it the birth place of life, all kind of life are born in the universe.
The birth place of humanity, animals, oceans, forest, aliens, planet, stars, in fact the universe have everythings you can imagine and more.
In some planet there are beings you can call them aliens if you want they can live only in the very hot planet, some in the very cold planet, some need gasoil to breath, just like human, need air to breath, there are war in the galaxy of the universe some planet against planet or some even galaxy, again galaxy theplacey do not go on war against they own kind, like we do here on planet earth. The religion of the universe is believing of the creator of the universe and galaxy. 
And everything part of it! known here on earth as god the master of the super power of all beings.
Planet earth one of the most smallest colony of the universe but yet at war against they own kind. 
Due to super ignorence and the believing of the only life form in the universe.
Makes one kind be lost in the universe and the question of why are we here? Where do we come from? Like me sometimes i always have these questions but the good things on earth like else where in the universe is  "LOVE"!

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